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a little about Drexll Studios

Drexll Studios is the forward facing side of Adi.

It is his little side business that is full of the beauty and wonder of nature and takes little snippets of human cultural evolution which fascinate him. It is the culmination of years of inspiration taken from his late grandfather - an archetypal renaissance man, earthy, self sufficient and humble.

After years of working on his Art and craft work from kitchen tables, spare rooms, small garages and the like, non of which either ideal or particularly safe.. He and his wife finally came to settle in Shire, on the very outskirts of Bristol.

A carefully considered lucky coincidence led them to a location that ticks all of their boxes. The advantages of a city connections without to being too close.. yet close enough to the unimpeded outdoors, the coast and countryside to keep Adi at peace.. and on the proverbial doorstep of Devon and Cornwall.. where the pair love dearly and were married.

With a 'blank canvas' place of bricks and mortar suitably in need of serious treatment and a garden that can only be described as a massive disaster of a bramble patch, untouched for 5 years or more, the place had bags of potential. Within six months Adi had completely renovated the entire garden and built the studio workshop with bare hands, a pick axe and spade.

Now, it is the place where he produces craft and artwork primarily for himself.. things that he himself surrounds and lives with daily, little things he believes keep him grounded, connected and in tune... and shares them with others via his shop. 

A great believer in the beneficial powers of mother nature on our physical and spiritual well-being everything Adi produces is in harmony. His local coastline is a goldmine for driftwood and Everything is either salvaged, reclaimed, re purposed or restored with serious resentment for our throw away culture.

He produces everything by hand with the aid of a few power tools. All of that which he makes he does with the meticulous, if not obsessive, eye of an Artist whilst utilising the skills honed over decades practicing his craft.

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