Dust to Dust 2019


AVS is a highly skilled and multi-disciplined artist and craftsman now living in Bristol,UK and works out of his hand built studio workshop.

He studied all aspects of Art, Craft and Design in his formative years, building and honing skills, and is accredited with an honours degree in Fine Art from Coventry University 1999. After his education, travel, a career as a chef, and the dark path of addiction replaced his arts practice... it has been a long and dangerous journey to get back to where he is now.

He currently works closely with Australian Artist Kim Perrior on their 'Carbonature' project. This involves large scale life-sized human casts made entirely from charcoal installed back into a natural environment. By directly involving others who would not necessarily consider themselves creative, the project is intended to encourage the participation in a creative practice whilst increasing awareness of and strengthening the fragile bonds that we have with our own planet and each other. Bonds that both Artists strongly believe are being sadly eroded.

Adi Vesely-Shore's work in all mediums is often regarded as 'dark'. It is highly resonant if sometimes obscure. The majority are a direct candid discourse on his own mental health, and progression back to life after recovering from addiction. He frequently exhibits with 'Mind' and 'Dancing With Demons' - charitable organisations where works are sold in aid of and to raise awareness of these issues increasing within our society.

He advocates any art practice as a viable cathartic tool.. he believes the rediscovery of his practice along with the support of his now wife, helped to save his life, and refers to the fruits of his practice not as artworks but as 'relics of experience'.

He has upcoming exhibitions in collaboration in April as part of the Art ĸMort show, Whitby, and at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancreas, London. dates tbc November.

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