everything is hidden from sight, therefore mind.

Right, Wrong, the interesting the banal....

Reason flew the nest long ago, replaced by cuckoos lies..

Absolutely nothing matters.

The four walls are merely for show.

There simply are no morals when you haven't eaten solids for three years,

and haven't shit in longer.

Toxic liquid.

Everything of what you were has gone.

nothing you have is memorable or remembered.

The soul doesn't recognise itself. Your shell is yellow, black and blue.

The body is rejecting you... it can not survive with YOU.

You have become the unwanted.

Everything is pain, with no respite..

Even sleep left you a week ago.... Laughing.

Your shell shuts down. Bit by hideous bit.

all out of turns.

There remains only shame and one choice..

To beg for your life and accept..

Or to beg for death and accept.

You have ruined you.


It had never occurred to me that life, 

so intricately balanced and closely interwoven, could unravel at such speed.

Had I have known, maybe I would have kept a tighter hold.

But I've been learnt

and I'm Always learning.

that their are no paths - only a way. 

The millions of dreams of where we could ever be.

Are only ever half the colour of where we are right now.

and that void we have within

 Is nothing compared to the wasteland of being without.

My Artwork in all its forms, represents a catharsis and spiritual journey. 

Shining light onto Dark. Just trying to make sense...

Of the Angels and Devils of myself and my surroundings.

I know only one thing for sure..

My creative practice is an integral part of my existence and the world I create.

a necessity I once turned my back on -

and I found out the hard way,  it is a lethal element to deny. 

Adi Vesely-Shore, Bristol, England

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