Being Human

From an extremely early age AVS has been conscious of the body as merely a vessel.

Early childhood musings surprised both elementary teachers and parents with tales of the skin and body as something of a jumper... which became completely unraveled after getting a loop stuck on a door.

He has adorned and tested it as a vehicle for art to extremes, taking influence from the 'Modern Tribalism' movement of the 80's, Viennese Aktionists, 'body art', Art Brut and performance art.

Beds of Nails, piercings, brands, confinement in metal boxes, incarceration, torture, encasement have all been utilised in search for answers to what the body IS and as questions to what art is and is not.

Away from arts establishment he has put his body and mind through even more extremes...  a survivor of severe alcoholism and living with ALD, with all the stigma, mental health issues and questions surrounding these 'illnesses' he is constantly searching.. constantly learning, what it is to 'Be Human'

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