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AVS is a talented classically trained multi disciplined artist and craftsman.

His Artwork represent a cathartic spiritual cleansing of the 'stuff' he absorbs and let's go. His work discusses how we are affected by and affect the world we create.

His recent body of work revolves heavily around the use of Carbon in the form of charcoal which he both produces and uses as an artistic medium to great effect. (See CarbonArt)


His craft work at Drexll Studios, is a celebration of the natural world. Esoteric and charming.. reclaimed, recycled and Earthy - bits and pieces of spiritual antiseptic to ward off human toxicity and today's hyper modernism


Dust to Dust 2019

Northern Man

It had never occurred to me that life, 

so intricately balanced and closely interwoven, 

                     could unravel at such speed.

                                            had I have known,

maybe I would have kept a tighter hold.

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