why carbon. .?

Carbon is ubiquitous - It is Known as the king of elements.

With its unparalleled qualities of connecting other molecular bodies to one another it is the foundation for all known life.

Fundamentally, Two Carbon sugars bind and are shared by every single life form on our planet. It is the glue which holds DNA together.

Look around you.. anything that is alive, has been alive or ever will live, is based on carbon.

It is what binds us to our truth, our nature and our planet.

And yet we.. We think we're somehow different.



In a world of increased division, tension and anxiety our entire species is on a very steep learning curve regarding our misuse and abuse of the eco systems that support us. As we shun our god's, belief systems, history, culture and ridicule our own progress, we tear down the walls that we have carefully built. Leaving ourselves more vulnerable and divided than ever.

Yet we all still desperately search for a meaningful connection... To anything, To anyone...

With our separation from a natural and spiritual environment increasing with every new upgrade. We are unlearning the fundamentals needed to survive with each other and with our own planet.

A planet which is in no danger of ending any time soon...

We, dangerously however, Are.

Adi Vesely-Shore's CarbonArt is about exploring these concerns, whilst using a medium to express an elemental commonality, fundamental bonds and connections between ourselves and the natural world.

Bonds which he believes are being increasingly and dangerously eroded.

The 'Carbonature' Sculptural and Artistic process shown here has been developed by Adi Vesely-Shore in conjunction with Australian artist Kim Perrior as a completely new art medium. It is reliant on direct human interaction with nature to obtain the raw materials which they  both collect or produce.

The process for making the human forms involves making moulds and casts from the human body.. this requires the collaboration of at least two people, it is literally a very 'hands on' process which encourages and breaks down barriers of normal communication, the building of bonds and trust which are becoming estranged and unfamiliar in our modern contexts. 

Both Artists believe everyone has creative potential, and should be encouraged to interact with each other and our environment in a creative, pro active and positive way. To be encourage to put down the phone, turn off our vacuous and addictive 'tech' and be a little more conscious and responsible of each other our wider environment. 


The medium used to fill these human forms is pure carbon in the form of crushed and ground charcoal..  mixed with a extensively researched adhesive; Environmentally friendly and solvent free, when fully cured, is 100% water proof ... making the finished sculptures suitable for outdoor installation.

 Where Kim collects his carbon from the natural landscape that Australia creates via bush fires, AVS uses reclaimed and 'waste' wood material... both from his craft business and by collecting locally. His Charcoal is produced using a hand built retort; A clean burning method of charcoal production.

Both Artists essentially sequester the carbon preventing it from becoming the now demonized co2.

All Sculptural works under this Carbon Art title are in direct collaboration with Australian Sculptor Kim Perrier, my mentor, inspiration and founder of Carbonature.

To find out even more about the process and ethos of our group movement and to see what Kim is up to in Australia visit  Carbonature

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