Jury of Our Fears

    A Vibrant yet Disturbing piece of Abstract Art utilising Light, Shadow and Negative Space.

Unfortunately, many people sleepwalk through life without conscious awareness of their own system, if they have one at all, and are therefore susceptible to external notions o right and wrong imposed by others, particlarly members of the ofen eminently unqualified upper class and their support system, mass media.

Cit Ian Brady.

One of two works done on the days following Brady's death. They discuss our relationships with, and our perception of 'evil', 'degenerate', or morally 'offensive' behavior.

The wasp just does what it does..

Remember - one souls pleasure is another souls pain. One souls loss is anothers souls gain. And who are you to draw a line??

• Medium / Colour: Black, White & Yellow. Ink Pen and Oil Painting

• Size: 32 x 20'' (81.5 x 51cm) Gallery wrapped frame.


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